The IPMS Avon show has been held at the Thornbury Leisure Centre for the past couple of years, and takes up three large halls. This gives it a much more spacious layout than some other shows, and as the focus is on both plastic modelling and wargaming, there is a wide list of suppliers which adds variety.

The SIG had a 4 table wide display and we adopted multiple themes:-

  • Nellis Weapons School aircraft;
  • USAF Special Operations; and
  • Convair Deltas - the F-102 and F-106 (unfortunately the B-58s were requested too late to be "deployed" (or "packed in a box" as more commonly known!)

It was a great day out, especially given the opportunity to catch up with Southern friends we don't see often.

Highly recommended!

Article and images by Chris St Clair