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Well SMW 2019 is well and truly past, and a great show it was. Our display attracted plenty of attention, made even better by our friends (not only from the UK but also the Pittsburgh Men In Black from the US and Alex from Germany!) joining us over the weekend!

2020 is the 30th anniversary of the SIG, so we're currently working on planning a special display - stay tuned for more!


Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Hasegawa
Kit ID 00448
Type General Dynamics F-16C-40C 88-0444
Unit 510 FS, 31 FW
Date Operation Odyssey Dawn / Unify Protector 2011
Aftermarket parts used Modern Hobbies' resin cockpit
CMK intake wheel wells and exhaust
Eduard PE set for the WAR HUD and canopy details
Attack Squadron fuel tanks
Master Model pitot probe
Crossdelta stiffener plates
Astra decals
Hasegawa weapon sets
Other detail added Load out for Psy-Op missions:-

4x PDU-5 leaflet dispenser on TERs
2x AIM-120C
2x AIM-9L
1x ALQ-131 (high band)
370 gal fuel tanks
Model built by Nat Krairojananan
Date Completed August 2014

The Block 40 'Viper was developed to be a 'Jack of all trades'. It can perform air-to-air combat or air-to-ground precise attack. Nowadays, Block 40s are equipped with SNIPER pod and soon in the future with HTS and AIFF.

During Operation Odyssey Dawn, the USAF sent 3 squadrons to join the international task forces.

This model is built from the Hasegawa kit. This kit was first released over 20 years ago! Despite the box top naming it as a Block 50, it is actually an F-16A with the C's vertical stabiliser. I had to modify many areas to depict it as a Block 40 as I wanted to end up with a model with the same level of detail as the Academy or recent Tamiya kits.

This particular plane performed the Psy-Ops role, carrying four PDU-5 leaflet bombs.

The build article for this model can be found here.