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LTV A-7D/K Corsair II - The “SLUF” in USAF and USANG Service – 1968-1993 (Famous Aircraft of the USAF and USANG – Vol 1)

Author(s) Werner Munzenmaier with Andreas Klein
Publisher Double Ugly (AirDoc)
ISBN 978-3-935687-16-4

Werner Munzenmaier has produced a few books in the past, and this is one of his best!  It is a companion to the SLUF in US Navy service book released a few years ago under the “AirDoc” banner, and is laid out in a similar manner.

The book is in full colour and is really a “book of two halves” as it is in dual language, with everything in both English and German.  It is laid out in a series of logical sections as follows:-

The first section provides an overview of the history of the A-7 in general and the USAF in particular, with a photo section covering the A-7D during its’ service in Vietnam.  Information is also provided about the YA-7F which unfortunately never entered service.


Click on the image to download a sample of pages from the book


The second section then delves into the detail, covering in detail each unit which has operated the A-7D and K.  For each unit, there is a brief history of the A-7’s use with that unit and a selection of photographs.  The following units are covered:-

The third section is a walkaround, with some nice detail shots.  This is not as comprehensive (and therefore does not replace) other publications such as the Verlinden “Lock-On”, but is a useful reference.

Finally, there is a section which covers the 3 colour schemes in which the A-7D and have K appeared in service.

All in all, this is a very nice book.  The photographs used are all clear and well chosen, and those within the unit sections show the progression of markings from the ‘60’s up to the retirement of the A-7 during the ‘90’s.

Very much a “must-buy”, and available here from the USAF SIG Amazon Store.

Review by Chris St Clair