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Scale  1/72
Manufacturer  Eagle Strike
Decal Sheet ID  72025
Decal Sheet Title  Vietnam War Warriors Part 1 - F-4C/D
Types Featured  F-4C, F-4D

Eagle Strike do not tend to produce many USAF-related sheets in 1/72nd scale, but this one is rather nice.

It was released in 2000 and covers 4 aircraft from the Vietnam period, being as follows:-

Left hand side views are provided in black and white for each aircraft, with additional details for specific color markings.

Please note that Eagle Strike do not provide much in the way of stencilling (with a limited set of stencils for two aircraft only, so you will need to get these from an alternative source.

I really like this sheet – as mentioned, I will be using at least one of the sets of markings soon, and I quite fancy a couple of the others too!

Review by Chris St Clair