Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-001
Decal Sheet Title
Types Featured KC-135R, MC-130E, T-28D, A-10A, F-4D

This is the first of many planned sheets from WolfPak (Mark Bilas). Rather than featuring specific types, WolfPak's approach is to feature different aircraft on each sheet, so there is plenty of variety!

The airframes covered are as follows:-

  • KC-135R 23543 assigned to the 459th ARW, Andrews AFB, Virginia as part of the 22nd AF, Air Reserve Command, in the AMC Grey scheme;
  • MC-130E with markings for 64-0555, 64-0523, 63-7785 or 64-0572. A mixture of airframes with and without the Fulton gear, and covering both the 7th SOS, 90th SOS, 1st SOS and 8th SOS, with a mixture of the black/tan/light grey and black/tan/black schemes;
  • T-28D 49-1561 assigned to the 606th SOS of the 56th SOW based at Nahkon Phanom, in  the FS36102/FS36092/FS36118/FS37038 scheme;
  • A-10A 79-981 of the 103rd FS, 111th FW of the Pennsylvanian ANG, being one of the first aircraft to carry the Litening target pod, painted in the standard two tone Compass Ghost Grey scheme;
  • F-4D 66-738 of the 497th TFS, 8th TFW based at Ubon AFB, Thailand during 1972. It was modified under Pave Phantom and fitted with LORAN D as well has being configured for the AVQ-11 Pave Sword laser tracker pod. This aircraft was also one of the few to be painted in SEA but with black undersides.

For each airframe, WolfPak include a side view with details of where individual markings are placed, copies of the relevant page of TO 1-1-4, and additional photographs where relevant. These are black and white photocopies, with the side views in colour.

Additionally, for each airframe, WolfPak provide a history of the aircraft with additional details of markings and specific colours (with FS595a references).  Details of weapons loadouts are also provided.

All in all, very useful!

Review by Chris St Clair