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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Xtradecal
Decal Sheet ID X72247
Decal Sheet Title Convair F-106A/B Delta Dart Part 2
Types Featured F-106A, F-106B


Today we have a review of Xtradecal sheet X72247 - with markings for eight different F-106As and Bs. The aircraft featured are:

The decals are printed by Microscale in perfect register. Xtradecal have correctly printed the "U.S.AIR FORCE" and "USAF" markings in Insignia Blue but did make the mistake of printing buzz numbers in the same color; however an insert is provided with these markings in the correct color (black).

Instructions comprise left and right side views of each aircraft, plus separate upper and lower scrap views of the wing markings.

This is a useful sheet and adds to the variety of F-106 markings now available!

Review and images by Chris St Clair