Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Spectre Resins
ID SR72-AC-003
Title MILSTAR Dome
Relevant Aircraft EC-135C, E-6B

Spectre Resins continue to provide new and interesting subjects.  This is one of their latest releases and was used on a small number of EC-135Cs and also on the E-6B.

Milstar is a joint service satellite communications system that provides secure, jam resistant, worldwide communications to meet essential wartime requirements for high priority military users. The multi-satellite constellation links command authorities with a wide variety of resources, including ships, submarines, aircraft and ground stations.

The dome is cast in tan resin as a single piece and is well shaped, although the surface will need a couple of coats of primer and some smoothing.  I used my old KC-135A as a guinea pig, and one the pouring stub had been removed, the fit was pretty good, as can be seen.

All in all, a useful addition to their 1/72nd scale range!

Review by Chris St Clair