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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Dangerous
ID CO72001
Title TARS Pod
Designed-For Kit N/A

This is a new manufacturer who I have not heard of before, however this seems to be a great start for them. The Modular Reconnaissance Pod (MRP) pod is manufactured by Per Udsen in Denmark and is in use with a number of air arms, including some Air National Guard squadrons.

In USAF service, the pod is designated the AN/ASQ-11 TARS, and has been used by the following units:-

The pods are configured depending on user, and thus the Dangerous resin does not match exactly the version used by the ANG, with a different number of windows and also lacking the "stepped" bottom - both being relatively minor changes.

Some good pictures of this pod can be found in the following publications:-

As far as the kit itself is concerned, it's quite impressive.  Moulded as a single piece, it seems to capture the shape of the pod well, the only possible issue being the thickness of the web holding the pod to the casting block.

I will certainly be using this at some point in the future!

Review and resin provided by Chris St Clair