A reminder of what the SIG is all about...

We build models of anything and everything the US Air Force has ever operated or even planned or speculated about!  This covers aircraft, missiles, satellites, armoured vehicles, soft-skin vehicles, emergency vehicles, engineering equipment, boats and trains.  We cover the regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserver, the Civil Air Patrol and (although it cannot be confirmed or denied!), the CIA and other "apparently civilian" organisations such as Air America.


In order to join the SIG, you must be a member of either IPMS UK or another country's National IPMS.  However, you do not need to join the SIG in order to ask for help!

The key question is - "what do I get out of being a SIG member?". The answer is, the opportunity to come together with like-minded modellers sharing a similar interest in order to further your knowledge and modelling experience in a specific subject area.  Typically, SIGs will only "come together" when they put on a display but will remain in contact at other times via newsletter, email or website / forums (or of course telepathy if you are a longstanding member of this SIG!).

Management of the SIG

Haydn Hughes is the SIG Leader and also provider of much of the material for the SIG display itself.

Chris St Clair is the SIG webmaster and is responsible for managing and updating the site and forum.