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This is deja-vu... I could pretty much copy and paste my last editorial post...
We continue to exist under various forms of restrictions - here in the UK we've (today) been plunged into our THIRD lockdown and whilst we're being told it will end "mid-February", there seems to be no confidence that the restrictions will be lifted as announced....
Modelling does seem to be one of the hobbies surviving well in these times - whilst shops are not allowed to open (again) those offering mail order continue to operate and we encourage you to support them buy continuing to purchase.
As regards model shows and airshows, it's still unclear as to whether we will see anything before Easter but given the current restrictions it is unlikely.
So we further encourage you to post your latest USAF builds on the USAF SIG Facebook page for us to see - or email them to me with a few details so I can create an article on here.
Keep safe all!!


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