We're just about to pass 10,800 hits on the website - that means that in the last month we've had over 800 hits which is fantastic!  We have been working hard to ensure that new material is constantly being added, and I actually have a backlog for once, which I will be working through over the next month.  Alex Hunger has plenty of material to contribute and I will also be uploading Ted Bayliss's extremely detailed build of the Anigrand Craftswork C-141.

I've just received a number of new items including the Sword P-80 and RF-80, various Wolfpack-D resin accessories and the Aires F-15E cockpit, all of which will be reviewed and uploaded soon.  I've also just got my copy of Reid Air Publishing's latest book on the F-16 which is excellent and highly recommended.

Waddington Air Show is now but a week away, and I'm hoping to attend both that and the RIAT at Fairford.  I have also started modelling again as my workshop is now more or less habitable.

Keep checking back regularly for new stuff!