We have finally managed to upload a copy of the 1978 version of T.O. 1-1-4 which has been requested on a number of occasions!  Also new are a couple of articles from Alex Hunger, featuring his AC-130A and B-52F, both of which have been on the SIG stand in the past.  Alex continues to build at a phenomenal rate and I am building up a backlog of his articles to publish!

We have received copies of the new nuclear weapons from Spectre Resins, courtesy of Mark S. Bilas.  I will be reviewing these soon - the only reason for not doing so already is that I've been doing some more work in my workshop and have not been able to set up the photo tent.  Hopefully I will get this done over the weekend.

Hobby Boss have released a new F-22 Raptor kit in their "easy build" series - at first glance it looks quite nice, and I will be comparing it to the Revell kit in an article in the near future.

One potential new section I am considering for the website is a database of Instruction Sheets for 1/72nd USAF aircraft models.  If you think this would be of use, please drop me a line and let me know!