As I write this, we're only 4 weeks away from Scale Modelworld, which is quite scary!  I have not managed to get anywhere near as much built as I had planned, but I can at least blame this on the fact that I did not have a workshop until around May of this year, and have been working away from home quite a lot!

One thing that continues to amaze me is the volume of new stuff coming out.  If the rumours are true, we have a new F-4E (Acadamy), KC-10 (Anigrand), Global Hawk (Platz) and C-27J (Italeri) - now if we could only pursuade the major manufacturers of the benefits of the T-1 Jayhawk, T-6A Texan II, U-28/U-28A, Skytruck and all the other aircraft used by the USAF which have never been kitted!

In addition, the new decal released continue thick and fast.  My backlist of "wants" is growing exponentially due to lack of available money, but hopefully I'll be able to reduce the list somewhat at the Nationals!

As a reminder, this year's SIG theme is USAF etc aircraft which have flown from, or been based at Muroc Field / Edwards Air Force Base - our display will be in Hall 1.  It should be an extremely varied and colourful display, given the schemes in which many of the aircraft flew from Edwards.  My contribution will be a mixture of Red, White, Orange and Black, and I know of at least one all-dayglow-red airframe which we have been promised!  See you all there!

***UPDATE*** Our friend Greg Williams from Modern Hobbies LLC is back, with some new products and plenty more planned!  Check out the website at

Chris St Clair

Editor & Webmaster