As I write this its 1 day from June, we've had a good few weeks of beautiful weather, and the first batch of model shows is past us.  Only another few weeks to RAF Waddington and the RIAT at Fairford.  It looks like it might be a decent year for shows - the F-22 is to be at Fairford, and with luck, nothing will get cancelled due to appalling weather this year!

The stream of new releases seems to have quietened down a little. The Anigrand C-140 is out, although I believe it's not as good as expected, having shape problems with the rear fuselage.  AIM/Transport Wings have released both the C-10 (KC-10A) and DC-8 (C-9) and they are both really nice kits, with fantastic resin.  Welsh Models have also release a T-43 and C-40 - it's just a pity that its all so expensive, but then I guess that's the world for you!