Chris has asked me to 'pen' the latest website editorial. Not that he's struggling because of his badly broken arm but it's a great excuse to badger me into doing something for the website ! Well, there's just over a couple of weeks until Scale Model World at Telford and we are all busy trying to finish off our latest creations to put on the display. Because of Spectre Resins producing an almost complete line up of tactical nuclear weapons over the past year, our 'mini theme' is going to be 'Victor Alert' which will be displayed in a slightly different format than usual - hope you all like it ! We are also reserving space for Alex Hunger's latest diorama which features a Korean air base. The rest of the display is given over to members favourite models in recognition of the fact we've doing this for twenty years now. I'm also working on displaying a selection of photos from our past shows which includes a shot of Chris with hair - worth visting the stand for.