Here are the new sheets from Wolfpak. They’ll be on sale in about a week. Sheet 10-12 is this year’s thank you sheet. Just like last year you can’t buy it but I’ll ship it to those who place an order of 30USD or more of decals not including shipping (void where prohibited by law.)

Now for the subjects:

Sheet 72-039: A Desert Storm C-130E with Rabbit Noseart, A choice of B-26K’s and RB-26K’s in the emerald green and grey scheme or a RB-26K in just coin grey. A F-8 Mig Killer. Vice Marshall Ky’s UH-1B and a choice of a silver over white B-52E from either the 17th or 96th Bomb Wings.

Sheet 72-040: The following aircraft from the Vietnam war: A PAVE FIRE F-4D, South Vietnamese Air Force T-28C, F-104C “PussyCat”, A-1H “Lt. America,” Operation Farm Gate B-26B and a Navy CH-46A.

Sheet 10-12: A F-4G in SEA camo from the 35th TFW, a Happy Hooligans MQ-1 Predator, an AV-8A from the cruise of VMA-231 onboard the FDR in 1975-1976 and a 317th MAW C-130E from Pope AFB.


Once again I’d like to say thanks to all those who patronize Wolfpak.