I know last time I said our next show will be Coventry & Warwickshire IPMS Model Show on Sunday 23rd June at the the Midland Air Museum (Coventry Airport) but there is now an outside chance we might be able to put on a display at the Bentwaters Cold War Museums special open day on June 16th thanks to the encouragement of Graham Haynes and Ian Balch at the museum and support from my local girl guides unit ! – Keep checking here or on the forum for updates.

I also have a small back log of things I want to show you – primarily the amount of love being shown to the Airfix U-2 kit by Scott Battistoni (via Cobra Company) and Norman Dubay but also one or two useful decal sheets. All in good time though.

I have been continuing work on my RB-45, RT-33A, RB-66, B-58A and RB-47H – pics to follow on the forum and eventually into our SIG inventory pages. I thought I had just about finished an F-100F when the nightmare realisation hit me ! Again, pictures on the forum.

And I still keep getting sidetracked by vehicles and ground equipment though I might blame our newest forum member Eric for that J

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And remember - if you have any USAF related articles or photos (models or real world) we would love to host them on here. Please contact Chris St Clair (our webmaster) or me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..