We are now in that strange period between major model shows, when we all try to build models but never seem to achieve what we plan (well I am speaking for myself here!) We don't have any shows planned until Spalding in September, although there is the possibility of the Driffield show for those who like to get out and about.

Haydn has been making good progress on his menagerie of reconnaissance types - his RB-45 looks particularly good! If we could get him to actually FINISH one kit for every one he starts we could probably fill a small hall ourselves! My RB-36 project is proceeding slowly, although rescribing all of the panel lines on the Revell/Monogram kit is taking longer than planned.  The first 3 F-102s are coming along nicely and I hope to have 2 finished soon.

Just a reminder to you all - please don't forget to check our "Downloads" section as I am regularly adding new content, mainly to the "Instruction Sheets" section, although I have just started working my way through a large batch of type-specific Technical Orders :)