The last time we posted an editorial (back in March), the Cosford show had just been cancelled and we were all unsure as to what the next few months might look like... Following the lockdown and subsequent efforts to halt the spread of Covid-19 things still seem to be very much "up in the air" and we have this week been informed that Scale Modelworld 2020 has been cancelled, as has Cosford 2021. For those in the "at risk" category, it probably makes no difference as the decision not to attend has been made already, but for those of us less "risk adverse" it is a real pity. We can only hope that appropriate measures can be agreed to enable us to get out and about in 2021!

The upside is probably more time modelling for all of us, and we encourage you all to post pictures of your USAF builds on the SIG Facebook page. And we look forward to speaking to you all in person when some form of normality returns!