Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Eagle's Talon
Kit ID
Type X-24B 66-13551
Date Early 1970's
Aftermarket parts used None
Other detail added N/A
Model built by Chuck Holte
Date Completed October 2012

I started a vac-form X-24B a while ago and it finally rolled out of the paint shop.  This was an Eagle’s Talon 1/72 Vac-form kit that’s been in my stash for 30 years.

For those interested in the increasingly esoteric art of vac-form modeling, the Eagles Talon range is among the best, in my opinion.  The kit actually provides vac-plastic for both the X-24A and X-24B, but I chose to do the “B” model first (the “A” is on the bench).   Paint is rattle can Tamiya Pure White and French Blue.  Kit decals.

An enjoyable build.

Article and photographs by Chuck Holte.