Scale 1/72
Manufacturer MPM / Monogram
Kit ID
Type North American X-15A & X-15A-2
Aftermarket parts used None
Other detail added X-15A backdated the MPM X-15A-2 kit. Scratchbuilt panel interiors.
Model built by Chuck Holte
Date Completed August 2018

Here are a couple of pics of the latest addition to my X-Plane collection, the first X-15A, #66670, backdated from the MPM X-15A-2 kit.  Shortened the fuselage by 18 scale inches and revised and polished and masked the canopy to the earlier, larger clear windscreen.  While JD and I were in the razor saw mode, I opened up some panels to expose propellant tanks, plumbing and wiring bundles.  Also added the wingtip sensor pods.  Paint was a mix of MM Interior Black and Graphite Black Metallic enamels.  Mostly kit decals except for the tail # which was from the spare decal drawer.

The black bird is of course the MPM X-15A conversion in 1/72 and the pink and white are both the Monogram X-15A-2 with different cosmetics.

Article and photographs by Chuck Holte