Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Aeroclub
Kit ID
Type C-23A 84-0458
Unit 10th MAS
Date 1988
Aftermarket parts used None
Other detail added Decals created and printed using Ink-Jet
Model built by Chris St Clair
Date Completed

This is the Aeroclub model.  I'd been pestering John Adams for this for years whilst I was a member of IPMS Nottingham; when he eventually released it, I missed it as I was working out of the country!

The kit is a mixture of vacform and short-run injection, with some white metal parts. The fuselage halves are vacformed, with the wings and tail surfaces being injection moulded.

The fuselage halves go together really well - the only problem I had was that they dipped a little where they joined.  This was soon fixed with some P38 car filler.

The rest of the parts fit well, the only problem being the undercarriage. I ended up fitting the wheels directly into the bays without any undercarriage gear - you can't see it so I think I got away with it!

I painted using Appliance White, with Xtracolor providing the International Orange. Markings were either from my spares box or custom printed on ink jet paper.

Model and article by Chris St Clair