Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Fujimi
Kit ID 24005
Type General Dynamics F-16B 75-0752
Unit Ground attack trials at Nellis AFB
Date Late 1980s
Aftermarket parts used Pavla Aces II seats
Master nose probe & AOA vanes
Other detail added Decals from Caracal Models CD72031
Model built by Geoff Cooper-Smith
Date Completed February 2021

The kit is the Fujimi F-16B 'Wolf Pack' boxing, with several additions, including a couple of Pavla S72006 Aces II seats (which had to be trimmed to fit), Caracal 72031 F-16 CAS Vipers decal sheet (I used their serials in the end), Mr Hobby H301 / H302 / H303 paint (suitably lightened as out of the bottle they looked too dark and indistinct AND 3-tone wrap round is an airbrushing nightmare as it all has to join up as there is no underside colour to give you a break!), Mavericks from Hasegawa weapons set No IV (U.S. Air to Ground missiles) painted and decalled (using Wolfpak 72068 'Yipes Stripes!') as AGM-65Ds complete with scratch built launch rail adaptors and Master AM72008 brass pitot and angle of attack probes. The AIM-9s (and painted green!) and drop tanks came from the kit.

The dio is based on a well known picture of F-16s lined up at Nellis, with an F-16B at the front of the row. It also uses figures and ground equipment from the strangely named Hasegawa U.S. Aerospace Ground Equipment set and the U.S. Pilot / Groundcrew set.

The base is card double-side taped to wood.  This was then 'scored' with a biro and ruler and some tone, etc provided by airbrushing some 'concrety' colours, followed by a bit of weathering with pastels and watercolours, all sealed in with a coat of matt clear.

It was originally going to be a 'free-stander' but I hadn't realised what a delicate little thing the F-16 is in 1/72 - as it has all the static wicks (toothbrush bristles), fins and probes of the real thing, every time I picked it up I knocked a bit off!  Thus the decision to mount it was made.

I have a more detailed build review of the F-16 itself on the 580 Website as the airframe depicted had a very interesting life indeed and the Fujimi kit is fabulous considering its age - the engraving is so delicate and the parts fit so good.  Only the cockpit (and in particular the seats) and clear parts let it down.

Fujimi F-16B on

Model and photographs by Geoff Cooper-Smith.