Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Hasegawa
Kit ID
Type F-104B 56-3719
Unit Development airframe, later assigned to the 83rd FIS
Date 1957
Aftermarket parts used Aeroclub seats, PJ Productions pilot figures
Other detail added Esci F-104C wheels
Model built by Alex Hunger
Date Completed February 2010

The F-104B is the first of 26 units of that type in 1957. It served as a develepment airframe for a while and later received the larger tail fin and ventral fin and apparently then went to the 83 FIS, though I did not apply those badges as I have no picture of the aircraft in that state. The decals are from the Esci F-104C decal sheet with numbers from the Microscale numbers decal sheet.

As there is no "1 Frame" canopy available, I glued the standard 2 frame Hasegawa canopy together and painted one frame on it without damaging the rest. It is only attached with white glue and can be replaced whenever somebody produces an aftermarket replacement unit. The F-104B has Esci thin F-104C wheels.

Model and photographs by Alex Hunger