Scale 1/48
Manufacturer Monogram
Kit ID
Type F-105F Thunderchief '63-731'
Unit Kansas ANG
Aftermarket parts used SAC undercarriage, Master pitot probe
Other detail added
Model built by Bill Dedig
Date Completed June 2017

Here are a few photos of my F-105 modeled from when I was stationed at McConnell AFB,Kansas. The National Guard was flying these F models while I was there so I choose to model one after having the Monogram kit for a “Long Time”

This is a super kit with some really nice details built in. 

I added :

Resin seats (a hair better than the kit ones), Metal Main Gear (Mandatory for this huge beast), Master metal Pitot (really pretty), Lenses for the Landing Lights.

I compared a resin cockpit to the kit cockpit and stayed with the kit. It is that nice.

Paints were what was in stock at home.

Gunze Dark Green,Testor acrylic lighter green,Vallejo Brown, Humbrol Light Grey.. Over coated all with Testors Rattle-Can Dullcoat (Decanted for more control).

Model and images by Bill Dedig