Scale 1/72
Manufacturer N/A - scratchbuilt
Kit ID N/A
Type LGM-30G Minuteman III
Unit Unknown, North Dakota
Date Unknown
Aftermarket parts used N/A
Other detail added See text
Model built by Alex Hunger
Date Completed 2007

The Minuteman III and Silo is completely scratch built. The lauch tube consists of a Magnum Cahmpagne Container and some plumbers tube. The entire tube is surrounded by a wooden assembly, that mimics the concrete bunker. The silo door moves on shallow rails. Also please note the small hatch which can be opened. The Base is plywood with sand, grass and model railroad fencing. The actual silo can be removed from the base for transport.

The utility bunker is visible from below the base plate and everything is embeded in builders foam painted brown. The Command Bunker is not included, as this was generally located at a distance.

Model and photographs by Alex Hunger