IMG 0141 1820 100 150 80 Chris St Clair provides photographs of the 2017 IPMS central display provided by the USAF SIG, celebrating 70 years of the United States Air Force!

The SIG were offered the opportunity to provide the central display for the 2017 Scale Modelworld Show and we jumped at the chance! As it was the 70th Anniversary of the United States Air Force, it seemed a great opportunity!

We split the display into three parts - a central "timeline" celebrating the USAF 70th, a USAFE dispersal and hardstanding, and a "typical" Vietnam-era airfield, complete with revetments, protective arches, hangar, tower and Vietnam-era buildings.

Massive thanks are due to the following, who either provided models or who contributed to the overall display:-

  • Andrew Armstrong
  • Ted Bayliss
  • Graham Bullock
  • Phil Butler
  • Ian Campbell
  • Paul Davies
  • Ian Day
  • Julien Dixon
  • Richard Farrar
  • Bob Gamble (Deceased)
  • Paul Guppy
  • Jeremy Hall
  • David Hart
  • Haydn Hughes (SIG Leader) - who provided the majority of the models and was responsible for the USAFE display
  • Alex Hunger - who scratch-built virtually all of the Vietnam display
  • Henry Ludlam
  • Alan Paul
  • Chris Payne
  • Simon Perkins
  • Ken Prest (Deceased)
  • Mike Robson
  • Shelley Rowe - our design guru responsible for the banner and for keeping us focused!
  • John Sheehan
  • Ian Short
  • Ian Southwood
  • Chris St Clair - who managed the 70th timeline
  • Gary Wenko
  • Trevor Williams

On to the photographs!

Images by Chris St Clair