Scheme 1 - September 1978

This "test" scheme was applied to aircraft 75-0266 at Nellis AFB during September 1978 and comprised two shades of green (FS34092 and FS34102) and Dark Gull Grey (FS36231) - scheme provided courtesy of Dana Bell.

A 10 75 266 camouflage drawing

Scheme 2 - circa 1978

This scheme comprised the same two greens/grey as  scheme 1, but in a different pattern.

A 10 EURO1 1978

Scheme 3 - "Charcoal Lizard"

This scheme was identical to scheme 2, but replaced the Dark Gull Grey with Gunship Grey (FS36118)

A 10 Charcoal Lizard

Scheme 4 - European One (version 1)

This was the first version using the "final" colors - FS36081, FS34092 and FS34102. The pattern was identical to scheme 3 above, the only change being replacement of FS36118 with FS36081.

A 10 EURO1 Ver1

Scheme 5 - European One (version 2)

This scheme was identical to scheme 4, but replaced the dark grey on the nose and starboard engine nacelle with medium green (FS34102)

A 10 EURO1 Ver2

Scheme 6 - European One (version 3)

This was a further develoment of the 2nd European One schem but with the medium green on the wing leading edges and undercarriage sponsons replaced with dark green (FS34092).

A 10 EURO1 Ver3