Title Lockheed Blackbird Family - A-12, YF-12, D-21/M-21 & SR-71 Photo Scrapbook
Author(s) Tony R. Landis
Publisher Speciality Press
ISBN 978-1-58007-151-2

There have been many books published on the Lockheed Blackbird family over the years, but this new one, by Tony Landis, manages to bring something new.  It is not designed to be a detailed history of the type, but rather is exactly what it is described as - a photo scrapbook of the type from the earliest A-12s right through to the final years of the SR-71 in service with NASA.


The book is split into 6 chapters, each covering a different element of the life of the Blackbird, and are split as follows:-

  1. The Beginning
  2. A-12 CYGNUS: The CIA's Oxcart
  3. M-21 and D-21: Tagboard and Senior Bowl
  4. YF-12: Advanced Manned Interceptor
  5. SR-71 Blackbird: Mach 3 Masterpiece
  6. Resurrection and Retirement: NASA and Det 2/9RW

Each chapter commences with a brief summary of the topic, followed by plenty of high-quality photographs, the majority in full colour.  In addition, there are more than 100 never-before-published photographs.

This is another highly recommended book, and it doesn't break the bank either!

Review by Chris St Clair