Publisher Zenith Press
Authors Photography by John M Dibbs, text by Lt Col Robert 'Cricket' Renner
ISBN 978-0-7603-4032-5
Book Title Viper Force - To Fly And Fight The F-16

A superbly illustrated book about the training of F-16 pilots at Luke AFB, home to the 56th Fighter Wing. Chapters cover learning to fly the F-16, Air-to-Air combat, Bombing, the Wild Weasel mission and the Viper at war.

For the modeller John Dibbs excellent photography highlights a lot of detail as well as providing inspiration to 'bash the plastic' with stunning aerial shots complimented by numerous behind the scenes shots of maintenance work, classroom action and pre-flight activity. The book is also a very good read, written by former fighter pilot Lt Col Robert 'Cricket' Renner, it gives a good insight into the life of a Viper pilot.

The only thing you don't get with this book is the Arizona sunshine and the smell of jet fuel. Thoroughly recommended for Viper fanatics everywhere.


Article and photographs courtesy of Haydn L Hughes