Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Uprise Decals
Decal Sheet ID UR72184
Decal Sheet Title T-38C Talon Pt.1
Types Featured T-38C

Chris St Clair provides a review of Uprise Decals sheet UR72184 which provides markings for three T-38C Talons in "retro" markings from the period 2017-2020.

The following airframes are covered:

  • T-38C-75-NO 68-8121 from the 87th FTS, 47th FTW at Laughlin AFB, Texas during July 2019. It was painted to replicate the F-106As operated by the unit and is painted overall ADC Grey (FS16473) with a stylised red bull on the fin and a white band below the cockpit containing three vertical red bands. The squadron emblem is carried on the nose and the wing badge on the fin. Uprise also provide a vinyl mask for modellers wishing to paint the fin bull themselves rather than using decals;
  • T-38C-70-NO 67-14951 from the 87th FTS, 47th FTW at Laughlin during 2017-18. This was painted in the standard T-38C two-tone grey scheme comprising XX and YY. The fin was painted medium blue (noted as FS15450 by Uprise) with a large emblem and "10th ANNIVERSARY in white" on the upper fin. This aircraft appears in two slightly different schemes, the alternative version carrying "87 FTS" on the fin instead of white and appearing to have a much lighter blue fin;
  • T-38C-65-NO 66-4343 from the 469 FTS, 80 FTS at Sheppard AFB during February 2020. This aircraft was painted in a gloss South East Asian scheme, comprising dark green FS14079, medium green FS14102 and tan FS10219 upper surfaces with light grey FS16622 lower surfaces. A large bull emblem was carried on the fin with "469 TFS" in white below, and the fin tip was yellow with three thin horizonal red bands. The aircraft carried a black/white/red sharkmouth.

Instructions are extremely limited and comprise a left-side colour view for each scheme and black-and-white right and upper-side views of the SEA-camouflaged aircraft,  No information is provided about the aircraft themselves.

The decals are provided on a small sheet (approx 1/3 of A5) and are mainly limited to individual and national markings - stencils will need to be sourced from elsewhere. The sheet is in good register and the white appears sufficiently opaque; however the red does appear "washed out".

There are few markings for the T-38 and this sheet is therefore welcome! 

Review and images by Chris St Clair