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Republic F-105 Thunderchief

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Print Scale 72-462 provides markings for four Republic F-105 Thunderchief. The aircraft featured are:

  • F-105D 58-1158 from the 335th TFS, 4th TFW in 1965. This aircraft wore a bright green find band, outlined in white and containing a yellow fin flash with a superimposed TAC badge. The nose wore a similar band and artwork was carried on the fuselage under the canopy; 
  • F-105D 61-0192 from the 18th TFW in 1964. It carried a yellow nose band and a PACAF shield on the fin;
  • F-105D 61-0054 from the 12th TFS, 18th TFW in 1965. It carried an blue and white chequered tail band and a yellow fin flash with a superimposed TAC badge;
  • F-105D 61-0140 from the 23rd TFW in 1964. It was marked for Exercise "Goldfish" and wore three olive drab bands on th wings and rear fuselage, together with a yellow fin flash with a superimposed TAC badge.

 All aircraft were natural metal with olive drab anti-glare panels and spines.

The instructions provide a left side view of each aircraft with a separate four view with stencilling information.

The decals are provided on a single sheet and provide a set of stencils for one aircraft. However, the white appears insufficiently opaque, the Insignia Blue of the stars'n' bars is too light and the green for the 335th TFS scheme appears too light.

As always with Print Scale, this sheet is of mixed value due to opacity and color matching issues. 

Review by Chris St Clair