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USAF C-135 General Purpose Markings

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DISCLAIMER: USAF SIG does not vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of any item - we review what we see so that you, the modeller, can make up your own mind! However, where we are aware of errors or omissions, we will note this in our review.

Caracal Models sheet CD72070 provides stencils and general markings for C-135 aircraft.

It is designed for the AMT, Italeri and Heller kits and includes stencils for the ADC grey, “Shamu” and current grey scheme aircraft.

Instructions are limited to scrap views and a four view for fuselage and wing markings, although the Caracal website provides further information and photographs.

The decals are provided on no less than three “almost-A5” sheets:

  • Sheet 1 provides fuselage markings, stencils, doorway outlines and emblems;
  • Sheet 2 provides stars and bars in red/white/blue and black outline, “USAF” emblems and “MAC and MATS” markings;
  • Sheet 3 provides wing walkways.

As always, this sheet is highly recommended to improve the accuracy of the kit and to increase the range of options.

Review by Chris St Clair