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Wolfpak Decals





 Types Featured

F-16C, F-15C


DISCLAIMER: USAF SIG does not vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of any item - we review what we see so that you, the modeller, can make up your own mind! However, where we are aware of errors or omissions, we will note this in our review.

Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-130 "Dragons" provides parkings for a USAF F-16C from the 52d FW and an F-15C from the 131st FW. The aircraft featured are:

  • F-16C-50C 91-0343 SP from the 480th FS, 52d FW at Spangdahlem AB, Germany during February 2019. It wore the standard two-tone grey scheme comprising FS-36118 over FS36270. It carried a red tail band and black "SP" tailcodes;
  • F-15C-30-MC 81-0025 SL from the 110th FS, 131st FW, Missouring ANG at St Louis International Airport during June 2009. It was painted in the standard "Mod Eagle" scheme of FS36176/FS36251 with all markings in black. It carried the "St Louis Arch" on the fin and a red fin band.

As usual, instructions provide a left side view of each aircraft and small black-and-white camouflage drawings. Copious unit history, color information and weapons loadouts are also provided.

The decals are provided by Fantasy Printshop and are in perfect register. 

Review by Chris St Clair