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Caracal Models sheet CD72089 provides markings for 16 different SR-71s from the USAF and NASA. The airframes featured are:

  • 61-17958 which carried a white cobra on the fin
  • 61-17960 which wore a white shark on the fin
  • 61-17962 which carried a white skull and crossbones
  • 61-17967 from Det 2 which wore a red fin band with black iron crosses and red "BB" tailcodes
  • 61-17968 which wore white "dbx" (Dolby Stereo) tail art
  • 61-17971 from Det 2 and which wore red outline "BB" tailcodes
  • 61-17968 which carried a red "1" with intertwined Habu snake on the fin
  • 61-17972 which carred a white "Skunk Works" logo on the fin
  • 61-17973 which carried a small "USAF" and serial in red on the fin
  • 61-17974 which carried white "Dennis the Menace" artwork on the tail
  • 61-17979 which wore large white "Night Hawk" artwork on the fin
  • 61-17980 which carried a full color Mildenhall Det 4 "dartboard" on the fin 
  • 61-17971 with a white NASA emblem on the fin
  • SR-71B NASA 831 with a white "831" serial and a white band containing a red NASA logo on the fin
  • NASA 832 with a white "832" serial and a white band containing a red NASA logo on the fin
  • NASA 844 with a white USAF-style "844" serial and a white band containing a block text red NASA logo on the fin

All aircraft are from the later period of the SR-71's life when it carried predominantly red markings.

Caracal's instructions are provided as a small 8-page A5 booklet in full color. It provides upper and lower stencilling diagrams, additional scrap views of the nose and individual drawings of each aircraft fin. However, no information is provided for the individual options on the sheet, so the modeller will need to seek additional references.

The decals are printed by Cartograf and are provided on two separate sheets. One provides walkway markings, stars'n' bars and stencilling, whilst the second provides the individual aircraft markings and NASA fin bands.

This is a beautiful sheet, although slightly let down by the lack of reference information.

Review by Chris St Clair