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Raider's Lance

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MQ-9B, A-10C, F-94B, B-1B


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Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-132  "Raider's Lance" provides markings for an MQ-9B from the New York ANG, an A-10C from the 40th FLTS, an F-94B from the 68th FIS, and B-1Bs from the 28th OG, the 28th BW and the 419th TS. The aircraft are:

  • MQ-9B 15-0298 from the 108th ATKS, 174th ATW, New York ANG at Syracuse during June 2019. This wore the standard scheme for the type comprising FS36375 Light Compass Ghost Grey upper surfaces with FS36176 Dark Mod Eagle Grey lower surfaces. It wore orange bands on the upper fins with "SYRACUSE" in black and an orange band with black chequers on the lower fin. The upper fins wore black "NY" "108 ATKS" tail markings outlined in white and a grey lightning bolt on on the fuselage;
  • A-10C 81-0989 from the 40th FLTS at Eglin AFB during August 2013. This carried the two tone FS36375/FS36320 light/dark Compass Ghost Grey scheme. Large black "ET" tailcode were carried on the fin together with a white fin band containing 5 red diamonds;
  • F-94B-5-LO 51-5480 from the 68th FIS at Suwon AB, Korea during 1952. It was natural metal with an olive drab anti-glare panel. A long red stripe was carried on the forward and mid fuselage with the squadron insignia superimposed on the nose, and the wingtip tanks wore red panels on their upper and lower surfaces. It carried large "FA-480" buzz numbers on the mid fuselage, outlined in red;
  • B-1B 85-0099 from the 28th OG at Ellsworth AFB in August 2017. It was overall FS38118 Gunship Grey with all markings in black. A blue band was carried on the fin, outlined in yellow and containing "ELLSWORTH" also in yellow. It wore black "EL"  and "28OG" tail markings, outlined in white. On the nose was full color "RUPTURE II" nose art;
  • B-1B 86-0066 from the 28th BW at Ellsworth AFB during August 2017. It was painted and marked similarly to '0099 with "28BW" markings on the fin and a full color squadron emblem on the nose;
  • B-1B 86-0068 from the 419th TS at Edwards AFB during September 2019. It was painted overall FS36118 Gunship Grey with black "ED" tailcodes and "DRAGON'S FURY" nose art;
  • B-1B 86-0068 from the 419th TS at Edwards AFB during 1991 and used for ACM integration trials. This wore the SIOP scheme, comprising FS34086 Dark Green, FS36081 Dark Grey and FS36118 Gunship Grey. Markings were in contrasting greys, with grey "ED" tailcodes.

Instructions follow the usual Wolfpak standard and comprise a color left side view of each aircraft, smaller scrap views where necessary and black-and-white camouflage schemes. Full history, color and weapons loadouts are provided for each aircraft. 

The decals are provided on an A5 sheet and provide individual aircxraft markings in perfect register and opacity. A small additional sheet provides the nose art for the B-1s.


Review by Chris St Clair