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North American F-100D Super Sabre Collection - Part 3

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Euro Decals sheet ED72-133 provides markings for three different F-100D Super Sabres. These are:

  • 55-2796 from the 511th TFS, 405th BFW at Langley AFB during 1969. Overall natural metal with a large medium blue panel on the fin and a thick medium blue vertical band on the nose containing "796" in white;
  • 55-3558 'Stinger' from the 35th TFS, 8th TFW at Itazuke AFB, Japan in 1960. Again, overall natural metal with 3 black triangles on the fin outlined in white. The nose carried (from front to rear) red/yellow/black bands outlined in white;
  • 56-3315 from the 492nd TFS, 48th TFW at Chaumont AB, France in 1969. Another natural metal aircraft, this carried alternating white/black horizontal bands on the entire fin (except for the fin cap) and a black chevron on the nose, outlined in white.

The instructions provide a color four-view of each aircraft with call-outs for colours and decal placement.

The decals (printed by Fantasy Printshop) come on two sheets - one providing individual aircraft markings and the second with stencilling and stars 'n' bars for one aircraft. These are in good register and the light colors appear sufficiently opaque.

Another set of colorful options for your F-100Ds!

Review by Chris St Clair