Scale  1/72
Manufacturer  Microscale / Superscale
Decal Sheet ID  72-369
Decal Sheet Title  RF-4C's
Types Featured  RF-4C

Microscale (later Superscale) produced many sheets of relevance to USAF modellers.  This one covers a number of RF-4C's.

  • RF-4C 65-0897 of the 192nd TRS, 152nd TRG of the Nevada ANG, marked out for the “Photo Finish” meeting in November 1981. The aircraft had a white fin and rudder, with “High Rollers” marked on the fin in red , “Reno” in red on the rudder and a white/red/blue flash on the leading edge of the fin.  The aircraft is in the wrap-around SEA scheme of FS34079/FS34102/FS30219;
  • RF-4C 64-1063 “KY” of the 165th TRS, 123rd TRW, Kentucky ANG in May 1982 as marked for the Best Focus 82 photo meet.  The aircraft has a white fin and rudder with a depiction of the US flag and a bald eagle, and “Kentucky” in blue on the fin.  Again, the aircraft is in the wraparound SEA scheme;
  • RF-4C 64-0050 of the 173rd TRS, 155th TRG, Nebraska ANG.  Green fin and rudder with “Lincoln” on the rudder in gold and “Nebraska” on the fin.  National insignia are in black, and the aircraft is in the wraparound SEA scheme;
  • RF-4C 65-0828 of the 173rd TRS, 155th TRG, Nebraska ANG, marked for the Photo Finish meet in November 1981.  Green fin with “Nebraska” in gold and a blue/yellow flash on the fuselage.  The aircraft is in the standard SEA scheme, with grey undersides (FS36622).

The markings are printed in register and look good, with thin transfer film.  Microsoft provide 2 full sets of stencilling, one in black and one in white.  Having used Microscale stencils in the past, these appear better than other sheets I’ve seen.

LH side views are provided for each aircraft, together with LH, top and bottom camouflage scheme drawings.  In addition, Microscale provide stencilling instructions, although these are difficult to read as they are quite small.

I plan to use at least one set of these (65-0828) on one of my 2 in progress RF-4C’s so keep an eye on the OOB.

Review by Chris St Clair