Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
ID 9-12 Thanks!
Title 9-12 Thanks!
Types Featured F-16A, A-7D, HH-34F, C-130E

To say "thanks" to their customers, Wolfpak printed a special Christmas sheet which was only available to customers spending over $30, and is a limited run only.  It contains some very interesting subjects, including an F-16A from the 474th TFW, AS-7D from the 57th FWW, an HH-34J from the 304th ARRS and two C-130Es in trial camouflage schemes. The airframes covered are as follows:-

  • F-16A Block 10C 80-0497 from the 430th TFS, 474th TFW based at Nellis AFB, Nevada during 1981.  The aircraft is in the standard three-tone grey scheme of FS36118, FS36270 and FS36375.  It carries a white tail band with red chevrons and a black "NA" tailcode.  It also has "4530 TFS AMU" on the fin and a falcon logo just behind the cockpit
  • A-7D-3-CV 68-8225 from the 57th FWW based at Nellis AFB, Nevada during 1971.  This has the standard SEA scheme of FS34079, FS34102, FS30219 and FS36622.  It carries a yellow and black chequered rudder and "WA" in white on the fin.  The tailcode "AF68" is in black with "225" in white.  This aircraft is unusual as it is one of the early airframes and has the navy-style refuelling probe;
  • HH-34J 145710 from the 304th ARRS based at Portland International Airport, Oregon during 1971.  It is painted in overall ADC grey FS36473 with a yellow tailband outlined in black, white "Rescue" markings on a yellow-outlined black background on the rear fuselage, and Insignia Blue "U.S. AIR FORCE" markings on the fuselage;
  • C-130E-LM 64-17681 from the 435th TAW based at Rhein Main AB, Germany during 1991.  This aircraft carried a temporary camouflage scheme of tan FS30266 and sand FS33772 with blue-grey FS35526 undersides.  Markings are limited to "MAC" and "17681" in black on the fin and "7681 435 TAW" on the fuselage sides under the cockpit;
  • C-130E-LM 64-0504 from the 317th TAW at Pope AFB, North Carolina during 1978.  This carries another temporary camouflage scheme, this time light grey FS36495 with dark ghost grey FS36320 patches.  Markings are extremely limited, with just "USAF 40504" on the fin in black.

The sheet is well printed with everything in register, the decal film itself is thin and there is very little overlap of film.

As usual, Wolfpak excel by providing a complete set of individual aircraft histories and modelling notes.  The instructions are printed in color and comprise left and right views (where needed) together with black and white upper surface diagrams and color details.

Review by Chris St Clair