Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-002
Decal Sheet Title
Types Featured C-130J, B-24D, EB-66C, F-100F

Second in the series of sheets from WolfPak, 72-002 provides more unusual subjects not covered by the major decal manufacturers.  Again, WolfPak have featured a number of different aircraft on the sheet.

 This sheet covers 4 airframes, as follows:-

·         C-130J 68154 “Spirit of Biloxi” & C-130J-30 of the 815th Airlift Squadron, 403rd Wing at Keesler AFB, Mississippi during June 2001.  Both aircraft are in the overall AMG Grey scheme (FS36173);

·         B-24D 263980  of the “Carpetbaggers” – 801st (later 492nd) Bomb Group, 8th AF at Harrington, Northamptonshire.  The Carpetbagger B-24’s were used to insert and resupply agents dropped behind enemy lines in Europe during WW2;

·         EB-66C “Bat21” 54-466 JW of the 42nd Tactical Electronic Combat Squadron, 388th Tactical Fighter Wing at Korat AFB, Thailand during April 1972. Bat21 became famous when it was shot down on April 2, 1972.  The aircraft is in the standard SEA camouflage scheme (FS 34079/FS34102?FS30219/FS36622);

·         F-100F 06-837 FAC of the 416th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 37th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Phu Cat, South Vietnam, again in standard SEA colors.

For each airframe, WolfPak include a side view with details of where individual markings are placed, copies of the relevant page of TO 1-1-4, and additional photographs where relevant. These are black and white photocopies, with the side views in colour.

Additionally, for each airframe, WolfPak provide a history of the aircraft with additional details of markings and specific colours (with FS595a references).  Details of weapons loadouts are also provided.

Please note that WolfPak do not provide much in the way of stencilling (with limited stencils for the EB-66C and F-100F, and none for the C-130J or B-24D), so you will need to get these from an alternative source.

All in all, very useful!

Review by Chris St Clair