Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Caracal Models
Decal Sheet ID CD72021
Decal Sheet Title EC-121 Warning Start Part 1
Types Featured EC-121T (x2)

This sheet from Caracal Decals (CD72021) covers 2 USAF EC-121Ts and a Navy WV-2 and WC-121N. The USAF airframes are:-

  • EC-121T 54-2307 from the 79th AEW&C Sqn based at Homestead AFB during 1978. This was the last EC-121 to visit the UK in 1978 and carried a large Air Force Reserve badge on the fin. It carried both upper and lower radomes;
  • EC-121T 55-122 from the 79th AEW&C Sqn, also based at Homestead AFB during 1978. This was the last EC-121 to leave Keflavik. It carried the same badge as 54-2307 but also carried a 57 FIS emblem on the fin and black/white chequers on the rudders as well as "TWA" in red on the left fuselage.

Both aircraft were painted overall ADC Grey (FS16473) with Insignia Blue markings.

Instructions comprise 4 sides of A4 on gloss paper, with left side views of each aircraft, together with a set of upper and lower patterns. The decals are printed by Microscale and comprise 2 sheets - a large one with unit markings and a second, smaller, sheet with stars'n'bars and USAF markings.

Another useful sheet from Caracal, especially given the recent release of the PlusModel kit together with the Fisher Model & Pattern and DMold resin accessories.

Review and images by Chris St Clair