Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Hahen
Decal Sheet ID 72075
Decal Sheet Title Douglas A-4N Skyhawk - BAE Flight Systems
Types Featured A-4N

HaHen sheet 72075 provides markings for six A-4N Skyhawks as operated by BAE Flight Systems in Germany. Airframes featured are as follows:-

  • N268WL - painted overall FS16440 with black serial on the rear fuselage and "268" on the nose;
  • N431FS, N432FS, N434FS and N437FS - painted overall white with dark blue cheatlines. Serials are white over the cheatlines with small "Flight Systems" in white on the air intakes and "Experimental" in red under the cockpit. "BAE SYSTEMS" and "Flight Systems" also carried on blue on the tail;
  • N262WL - painted in the Israeli camouflage scheme of FS 34227, FS30219 and FS33531 upper surfaces with FS35622 undersides. Serial numbers carried on the rear fuselage in black, with "262" repeated on the nose.

Although not shown in the instructions, fin badges are provided for N262WL and N268WL when they were operated by ATSI.

This is a short-run sheet which is (I believe) ALPS printed. It is in perfect register and the colors appear to be opaque. One useful touch - bands of black/white are provided for the tail hook. Enough markings are provided to model N268WL, N262WL and one of N431FS/N432FS/N434FS/N437FS.

Instructions comprise large four views of the camouflaged aircraft (N262WL) together with smaller upper and lower drawings for the grey and white aircraft.

An interesting sheet of unusual subjects!

Review and images by Chris St Clair