Scale 1/72
Manufacturer USAFline
Decal Sheet ID 72-001
Decal Sheet Title 18" Markings in FS36118
Types Featured

USAFline is a new decal company, specialising in generic markings for USAF/ANG subjects. Their first sheet, 72-001, provides a complete set of 18" tail codes and serials in Gunship Grey (FS36118) and is appropriate for F-16s from the mid-1990s to the present.

From memory, the last manufacturer producing dedicated sheets of a similar nature was Repliscale back in the 1990's, and their sheets were inconsistently sized. Whilst a number of sheets currently provide a selection of grey markings, this new sheet from USAFline is the first to provide complete markings. The following are provided:-

  • 18" unit identifier lettering;
  • 12" serial numbers;
  • Year designators (AF XX) from 1978-2009 (note that the earlier ones may not be appropriate as the USAF/ANG did not switch from black to grey markings until the mid 1990s at which point most of the early aircraft had been retired);
  • 12" Wing, Squadron and Maintenance designators (e.g. FW, FWW, OG etc);
  • 6" Command designators (including 'AFRC', 'AFRES' and 'ANG').

The lettering and numbers are provided as individual digits to be cut out and used as appropriate. Different styles are provided, including variations of 'F', 'I', '2', '4' and '5'. Year designators are provided as a block which simplifies application.

The sheet is printed by Boa in the Czech Republic. Instructions comprise two sides of A5 with a copy of the TO 1-1-4 digram showing placement on the F-16, an extract from an official USAF document identifying sizes and placement, and sample photographs of real aircraft.

The sheet is currently only available through eBay.

Review and images by Chris St Clair