Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-071
Decal Sheet Title Hunters and Gatherers
Types Featured F-89J, F-4G, F-15C, F-4E, F-35A

Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-071 "Hunters and Gatherers" provides markings for a number of aircraft, the USAF types including a 56th TFW F-35A, North Dakota ANG F-89J, Florida ANG F-15C, 347th TFW F-4E and 52nd TFW F-4G. The aircraft featured are:-

  • F-35A 11-5030 "LF" from the 56th FW based at Luke AFB during March 2014. Standard F-35A scheme comprising FS36170 and  lighter grey, with all markings in the lighter grey;
  • F-89J-55-NO 53-2468 from the 178th FIS, 119th FIG based at Hector Field, North Dakota during 1965. Overall ADC Grey (FS16473) with red wing tanks (although the instructions are not clear as to whether the inside of the tanks should be black or not), ANG emblem and Insignia Blue "NORTH DAKOTA" on the tail fin;
  • F-15C-41-MC 86-0148 from the 159th FS, 125th FW, Florida ANG during August 2012. Two tone "Mod Eagle" grey schem comprising FS36176 and FS36251. Blue fin stripe outlined in white and containing "Florida" on the outside of the fin and "125th FW" on the inside;
  • F-4E-36-MC 67-0348 "MY" from the 68th TFS, 347th TFW based at Moody AFB during October 1985. South East Asian (SEA) scheme, comprising Dark Green (FS34079), Medium Green (FS34102) and Tan (FS30219) upper surfaces with Light Grey (FS36622) lower surfaces. All tail markings in black together with a red fin flash (outlined in white) and wing badges on the intakes;
  • F-4G-42-MC 69-0280 "SP" from the 23rd TFS, 52nd TFW based at Spangdahlem AB, Germany during May 1984. European One scheme, comprising Dark Green (FS34079), Medium Green (FS34102) and Dark Grey (FS36081) in a wrap-around scheme. Black tail markings with a blue fin flash (outlined in white), full colour shark-mouth and wing badge on the intakes.

Decals are printed in perfect register by Fantasy Printshop. My copy came from them, rather than directly from Wolfpak and as a result, I did not get the extended instructions normally provided. Unfortunately, these provide detailed notes for each aircraft together with history, weapons loadouts and painting information - therefore their absence is quite a loss.

This sheet is quite interesting - especially since it provides markings for the Florida ANG F-15s which are not provided elsewhere (to my knowledge).

Review and images by Chris St Clair