Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Caracal Models
Decal Sheet ID CD72023
Decal Sheet Title Air National Guard F-4C/D
Types Featured F-4C, F-4D

Caracal Models sheet CD72023 provides markings for 8 different Air National Guard F-4C's and D's, with the following airframes featured:-

  • F-4D 63-7576 from the 171st FIS, 191st TFG, Michigan ANG during 1986. This carried the well known Michigan ANG markings, comprising a yellow/black chequered fin, two yellow chevrons on the forward fin and a black fin stripe containing "michigan" in yellow on the upper fin. The intake splitters also featured yellow/black chequers;
  • ;F-4C 63-7591 from the 111th FIS, 147th FIG, Texas ANG during 1983. This carried a Texas ANG flash on the fin (white over red flash at the front with a blue rear and superimposed white star), ANG crest on the fin and "TEXAS" on the upper fin, together with "Texans" on the mid fuselage and wing tanks, and the 111th FIS emblem on the nose;
  • F-4C 64-0658 from the 123rd FIS, 142nd FIG, Oregon ANG during 1983. This carried the Oregon bird on the forward fin and the ANG crest on the upper fin;
  • F-4C 64-0888 from the 114th FIS, 173rd FW, Oregon ANG during 1985. This carried a large spread eagle on the upper fin and rudder in black, white and yellow, with "OREGON" superimposed;
  • F-4C 64-0914 from the 199th FIS, 154 CG, Hawaii ANG during 1982. This carried a styllised fin band containing "HAWAII" in yellow superimposed on red band;
  • F-4C 64-0949 from the 178th FIS, 119th FIG, North Dakota ANG during 1983. This carried a red fin band containing "Happy Hooligans" in white and the ANG emblem on the forward fin;
  • F-4D 66-5648 from the 179th FIS, 148 FIG, Minnesota ANG during 1985.Large dark blue upper fin stripe and diagonal stripe containing white stars, with a blue intake splitter containing white stars;
  • F-4D 66-7457 from the 171st FIS, 191st TFG, Michigan ANG during 1986. Markings were limited to "michigan" in yellow on the fin.

All aircraft were painted in overall Air Defence Command Grey (FS16473) with a black radome and anti-glare panel. Large full colour "Stars'n'Bars" were carried in four positions, together with "U.S.AIR FORCE" in Insignia Blue on the intakes.

The decals are provided on two sheets - an A5 set with the individual aircraft markings and a single set of stencils and intake/fuselage walkways, and a smaller second sheet with the remainder of the black serials. Printing is by Cartograf as always with Caracal. Instructions comprise a side view of each aircraft and an additional set of views showing stencils.

As always with Caracal, this sheet is highly recommended!

Review and images by Chris St Clair