Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Caracal Models
Decal Sheet ID CD72043
Decal Sheet Title F-106A Part 1
Types Featured F-106A

Caracal Models sheet CD72043 provides markings for five different F-106A Delta Darts of the Massachusetts, Michigan, California and Florida Air National Guard units, with bonus markings for the F-106As used for the B-1B Flight Test programme

  • F-106A 57-2494 from the 101st FIS, Massachusetts ANG during 1986. This unit carried a blue and white chevron on the fin and the rudder was striped with horizonal blue and white stripes. A blue fin stripe, outlined in white, contained "MASSACHUSETTS" and a dark blue arrow on the wing fuel tanks with "Cape Cod" overlaid in white; 
  • F-106A 58-0772 from the 171st FIS, Michigan ANG during 1976. Two yellow chevrons, outlined with black, were on the forward fin and the rudder contained yellow/black checks. A black fin band contained "michigan" in yellow and a yellow arrow, outlined in black, on the wing fuel tanks contained "SIX PACK" in yellow;
  • F-106A 58-0782 from the 194th FIS, California ANG during 1980. This carried a white fin with a red lower fin and airbrake, containing "CALIFORNIA" in black and the California "bear" insignia on the fin;
  • F-106A 59-0129 from the 159th FIS, Florida ANG during 1985. Blue fin band outlined in white and containing a white lightning flash, with "Florida" in black on the upper fin;
  • F-106A 59-0061 used as the chase aircraft for the B-1B Flight Test Programme. Blue and white stylised outlines of the F-106A and B-1B with "CHASE" in blue underneath.

All aircraft were Air Defence Command Grey (FS16473) and the decals provide sufficient stencils for one aircraft. She sheet is printed by Cartograf in perfect register. Instructions comprise a side view of each aircraft and separate upper and lower layouts.

Review and images by Chris St Clair