Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-079
Decal Sheet Title "Good Morning Vietnam!"
Types Featured F-4C, F-111A, F-4E

Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-079 "Good Morning Vietnam!" provides markings for a number of aircraft which operated in Vietnam, including an F-4C, F-111A and F-4E. The airframes featured are: 

  • F-4C-22-MC 64-0704 "XN" from the 12th TFW based at Cam Ranh Bay AFB during 1968. This carried the standard South East Asian scheme comprising FS34079, FS34102 and FS30219 upper surfaces with FS36622 lower surfaces. It carried a blue/red/yellow striped tailfin and blue/red/yellow strpies on the intake with a superimposed 12 TFW emblem. On the nose was a white "SHEHASTA'" logo.
  • F-111A 67-0098 "NA" from the 430th TFS based at Takhli RTAFB during 1972. This carried FS34079/FS34102/FS30219 upper surfaces with black lower surfaces. The tail code and serials were white, with a red fin band.
  • F-4E-37-MC 68-0339 "LC" from the 421st TFS, 366th TFW based at Da Nang AFB. This aircraft was called "Chico the Gunfighter" and carried a full colour sharkmouth on the nose, a red surround to the windshield and cockpit coaming, red tailfin and white tailcodes. It carried the standard South East Asianscheme comprising FS34079, FS34102, FS30219 and FS36622.

As with all Wolfpak sheets, printing is by Fantasy Printshop in good register. Instructions comprise a color side view of each airframe and three-views in black-and-white for the camouflage schemes,

Review and images by Chris St Clair