Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 12-18
Decal Sheet Title "Thank You"
Types Featured RB-57E, YA-10B

Wolfpak Decals annual "free" sheet for 2018 (12-18 "Thank You") provides markings for a number of aircraft including an RB-57E and the YA-10B prototype. The aircraft featured are:

  • RB-57E 'Patricia Lynn' 55-4245 from Det 1 of the 460th TRW based at Tan Son Nhut AB during 1968, painted overall matt black with Insignia Red markings and nose art on the left nose.
  • YA-10B 73-1664, based at Edwards AFB during 1979. Painted overall FS36118 Gunship Grey, this aircraft carried nose art and black serial numbers. It also carried an early 20.5" tail extension (as depicted in the Hobby Boss kit);
  • YA-10B 73-1664, based at Edwards AFB during 1983. Painted identically to the 1979 version, this had a smaller 8.5" fin extension (available in the Falcon Vac-Form kit) and marked similarly but carried white alignment markings on the fin.

Decals and instructions follow the usual Wolfpak format. Whilst small, this sheet covers some interesting subjects.

Review and images by Chris St Clair