Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Fundekals
Decal Sheet ID N/A
Decal Sheet Title F-106 Delta Darts No.1
Types Featured F-106A


Fundekals do not produce many decal sheets, but when they do they are subject to meticulous research to ensure that they are accurate. Here we have the first sheet for the F-106A, providing markings for 10 different aircraft. The airframes featured are:

  • F-106A-100-CO 58-0783 from the 2nd FIS Wurtsmith AFB Michigan as seen at William Tell 1972. This carried a yellow find band outlined in black and with the wing and squadron badges;
  • F-106A-1-CO 57-231 from the 11th FIS at Duluth International Airport, seen at William Tell 1983. This carried black buzz numbers and a green shamrock on the nose. On the fin was a blue "V" with red/white/red/white/red horizonal stripes with the 11th FIS badge inside the "V";
  • F-106A-95-CO 58-0759 from the 71st FIS, 1st FW (AD) based at Selfridge AFB and as seen at William Tell 1965. This aircraft was specially marked for William Tell and carried a large blue/white chequered chevron on the leading edge of the fin containing an arrow piercing an apple, and a smaller solid blue chevron on the nose;
  • F-106A-100-CO 58-0789 from the 73rd AD at Tyndall AFB during 1964. This carried the 73rd AD's standard markings (also applied to the F-102A) comprising a dark blue fin band with a superimposed white chevron with a yellow leading edge and a yellow lightning bolt. The unit's emblem was carried inside the white chevron and the airbrake was painted yellow;
  • F-106A-110-CO 59-0047 from the 27th FIS based at Loring AFB during 1961. This carried a broad yellow/black chequered fin band outlined in black. Superimposed on this was a yellow chevron outlined in black, containing 3 black stars and the squadron (port) and wing (starboard) emblems.
  • F-106A-100-CO 58-0787 from the 71st FIS based at Malmstrong AFB during 1970. This aircraft was known as the 'Cornfield Bomber'. It carried a blue chevron on the fin, outlined in black and containing the squadron and wing badges;
  • F-106A-125-CO 59-0092 from the 87th FIS at K.I. Sawyer AFB during 1978. This carried a stylised red bull on the tail with the squadron and wing badges superimposed. As the commander's aircraft, it also carried a red diagonal band, outlined in white, on the forward fuselage;
  • F-106A-100-CO 58-0777 from the 319th FIS at Malmstrong AFB during 1972. It carried a black chevron on the fin, outlined in yellow and containing the squadron and wing badges. A smaller black chevron (again outlined in yellow) was on the nose;
  • F-106A-100-CO 58-0787 from the 94th FIS based at Selfridge AFB during May 1969. It carried a broad yellow fin band, outlined in black, containing the squadron and wing badges. The squadron badge was also carried on the nose;
  • F-106A-130-CO 59-0118 from the 329th FIS at George AFB during 1964. This carried a red/white/blue stripe on the lower fin and a red chevron (containing the squadron and wing badges) on the upper fin.

All aircraft were painted overall ADC Grey (FS16473) with full colour insignia and markings.

This is a great sheet from Fundekals - in perfect register and accompanied by a full-color downloadable instruction sheet with left and right side views of each aircraft.

Review and images by Chris St Clair

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