Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Two Bobs
Decal Sheet ID 72-109
Decal Sheet Title F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles
Types Featured F-15E

DISCLAIMER: USAF SIG does not vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of any item - we review what we see so that you, the modeller, can make up your own mind! However, where we are aware of errors or omissions, we will note this in our review.

Two Bobs sheet 72-109 provides markings for 15 F-15Es from the 494th EFS on their return from the Middle East during October 2018, all with colorful nose art. The aircraft are:

  • F-15E-63-MC 00-3001 "Jenny"
  • F-15E-63-MC 00-3002 "Devils Darlin"
  • F-15E-63-MC 00-3003 "Gears of War"
  • F-15E-63-MC 00-3004 "Bullseye"
  • F-15E-64-MC 01-2000 "Valkyrie"
  • F-15E-51-MC 91-0311 "Lady Liberty"
  • F-15E-51-MC 91-0313 "Texas Ranger" (incorrectly noted as 91-1313)
  • F-15E-51-MC 91-0314 "Chief" (incorrectly noted as 91-1314)
  • F-15E-52-MC 91-0324 "White Walrus" (incorrectly noted as 91-1324)
  • F-15E-52-MC 91-0326 "Ravage" (incorrectly noted as 91-1326)
  • F-15E-52-MC 91-0329 "Deadpool" (incorrectly noted as 91-1329)
  • F-15E-52-MC 91-0335 "Megalodon" (incorrectly noted as 91-1335)
  • F-15E-58-MC 96-0201 "Firebird"
  • F-15E-58-MC 96-0204 "2-Oh-40-oz"
  • F-15E-53-MC 91-0602 "A-Bombinator" (incorrectly noted as 91-1602)

For each aircraft, Two Bobs provide left and right side views and a very large four-view showing stencilling. Additional, a weapons loadout diagram is provided. A large drawing of each nose art is also included.

Decals are printed by Cartograf and include stencilling for one aircraft.

Two Bobs have incorrectly identified the serial numbers for some of the aircraft, but this does not affect the decals themselves.

Review and images by Chris St Clair